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Recent content by bbihah

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    Difficulties removing cooler from 6800 319 merc

    As the title says, im having difficulties removing the original cooler, there is no instructions anywhere how to do this and i figured it'd be pretty straight forward like some other cards ive disassembled in the past. But nope, screws hidden behind radiator and backplate, one holding onto the...
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    Planning for a new build to fill out my View 37

    Hello Thomas, I'll put that in mind and use at least the longer sections without the quick-releases for a start and then see if I can change the shorter sections at a later time. I ended up ordering plenty of hose and fittings just in case but I'll probably end up needing more if I want to...
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    Planning for a new build to fill out my View 37

    In a view 37 chassis, currently using only a Eisbaer Aurora 360(side mount) and after seeing it in action I couldn't wait to expand this to my 6800 qick 319 GPU. I've been pondering on what I need and after some advice from staff at Alphacool, I know I need a pump and was suggested the DDC310...