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  1. Rivettz

    In Need of Special Custom Part

    So, there is no possible way that something like this is possible? Much like the layout in my case in previous posts I would like to keep the Radiator up top. The Dual Hemisphere flow through radiator would replace the rad on top. While the 140mm fan on the back would have a standard 140mm Rad...
  2. Rivettz

    In Need of Special Custom Part

    So the idea with this flow through would be to have another radiator directly behind it. A 140mm of the same thickness to be linked together with compression fittings and a short bit of tubing. Both sides would be used and the turnaround would be at the 140mm on the back. My apologies for not...
  3. Rivettz

    In Need of Special Custom Part

    I'm looking to increase the radiator surface area in my rig, but I don't want to see too many hoses. My case cant really support a larger rad like a 420mm (x3 140mm) its annoyingly too small. What I'm looking for is a radiator that has G1/4 threads on both sides with tank ends. Diagram included...