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    Alder Lake - Temperatures

    it's OK I'll keep an eye out thanks for letting me know
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    Alder Lake - Temperatures

    Good morning, Thank you for responding so promptly. Is there anything that can be done to improve it? or is it a consequence of the LGA1700 design?
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    Alder Lake - Temperatures

    Hello, I recently changed my computer because my 4770K died. I have moved to an alder lake, but at first the temperatures were very erratic, I updated the bios and they improved but still, I have my reservations. I have used the Intel ETU app to monitor the processor, along with CPUID...
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    Maybe Defective Pump

    Good Afternnon, I finished yesterday of mount all equipment and check that not have liquid losses. I checked that all seems OK, and work without problems. But today on start up, seems that the pump not work, I not aprecciate any movement, the cpu temps, seems that keep ok, but not appear...