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    International shipping restrictions

    Hi, is there any indication when the international shipping restriction be lifted anytime soon? Thanks
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    Pumping Gum Ball Usage

    Not sure exactly how to use this without breaking anything. I will be using pump reservoir combo(13295). I plan to use a generous amount of distill water to flush out the entire loop before filling it up with the ckc coolant. I willl plug up the inlet port on the 13295 with the end tube open...
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    Coolant volume requirements

    How much coolant would I need to fill up the full loop given that I have a 3 metre length of soft tube. I have 2 360 st30 radiator with a cpu and gpu block ? I would most likely end up using slightly less than 3mtr. Thanks
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    Order 30117693

    With the Covid-19 issue, am I to expect a delay in my above shipment? Thanks
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    Order 30117595

    Would like to know the two item in the order is available for delivery. I notice item 12452 is now in red. Thanks
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    Vpp 755 Pump Connection(13295)

    Expecting delivery of the above item so need advice on the connection options available. I would like to control and monitor pump speed from software. My motherboard fan header has option to switch between voltage and pwm control.please advice on how I should go about connecting the pump...
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    Full loop configuration

    I have gather a list of item which I think i will need to get to do a complete loop to cover both the cpu(delidded 8700k at 5ghz) and the strix 2080ti. Please advise if I have everything I will need to complete the job. and if the setup is more than sufficient to cool both the cpu and gpu...
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    Eiswolf 240 gpx pro pump speed control

    Hi, can I connect the pump to the motherboard fan header and must the speed be always set at maximum?Or can I set the fan header to pwm to control the speed? Thanks.
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    Order No. 30117188

    The item article 11744 status changed to not available after I made payment. Why is this happening? Please help.
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    New Eisbaer aurora gpu aio

    Come across in one of the Ces2020 YouTube video. When will these be available and will there be a version for the asus rog strix 2080ti oc? Thanks
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    eiswolf 240 gpx pro number 11744

    I did a search with gpu configurator and the above was one of 2 options shown. May I know when it will be available? I have the the asus rtx strix 2080ti oc. Thanks
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    Eisbaer aurora 360 rgb

    Will the single 360mm radiator from the Eisbaer 360 be sufficient to cool both my cpu and gpu. If not what would you suggest. I have a 8700k delidded with conductonaut applied and overclocked to 5ghz. Gpu is the asus rtx strix 2080ti oc.