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    Eisschicht Ultra Soft

    just a quick question. i was wondering if the first geration of Eisblock Aurora for the Amd RX 5700 xt uses the Eisschicht Ultra Soft or some other themal pads? And what products use the Eisschicht Ultra Soft ?
  2. Creative

    Distro plate feedback

    Just a simple example for a 140 mm distro plate made out of a Acrilic top and a pom base 3 G1/4 ports per channel. please tell me what you think about it. im open for sugestions
  3. Creative

    Road map update

    I would love to get some road map updates on the Eisbord MPX ant on the Eisblock XPX D RGB that we saw at computex this year. At the moment i'm planing a custom water cooled hardline build with a Ryzen CPU an Gigabyte mobo (no monoblock etc. exist for this board) and an Rx 5700 xt with the...