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    Eisbaer LT fill port question.

    Can the fill port also be used as an input or output port? If so, this could help with routing tubes!
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    Eisblock Titan X Pascal problems.

    I have an Eisblock GPX Acetal Nvidia Geforce TITAN X Pascal 1080Ti M02 (model #11569) for an Nvidia Titan Xp Star Wars Collector's Edition graphics card. The only difference between this card and the regular Titan Xp is that the Star Wars version has an additional LED header next to the one for...
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    Radiator paint.

    I have two V.2 30mm Nexxos, 120mm. Both are missing paint on the radiator fins but one is particularly bad (about 2/3 orange/bare on both sides). It looks terrible and I also worry about corrosion over time so I am considering painting it. Are the radiators painted with black enamel or lacquer?
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    HDX - M.2 adequate for PCIe4?

    Is the HDX - M.2 SSD heatsink adequate for double-sided PCIe4 NVMe SSDs? Does it require a fan? How would it perform for M.2 slots on the back of the motherboard with very little air movement?
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    Radiator core thickness.

    What is the core thickness on the 30 mm radiators?