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  1. radeondutch

    GPX Pro - A Radeon Vii M01

    Hi Team, Question regarding the thermal pads, do you have to remove the original thermal pads on the PCB? I'm not talking about the strip of Hitachi TC-HM03 on the GPU/HBM2 but about the pads on the VRM MOSFETs. Do I have to remove the original VRM MOSFETs thermal pads? because I could put...
  2. radeondutch

    Pump not o.k.

    Hi Team, My order is 1085376 or 30111283 for my Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro AMD Radeon VII M01 - Black. Suddenly after almost a year of good use the radiator stays ice cold while I do hear water inside the pump. It's strange. I've tried about 4 times to re-apply thermal paste from little to...