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    Eheim 1262 inlet?

    Hi all, I am planning on buying and using an Eheim 1262 pump to watercool my main PC (currently on dual-D5 pumps). I see both the inlet and outlet of that pump are G3/4 and I was wondering if Alphacool does have matching reservoir to plug directly to the pump without having to reduce from 3/4"...
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    Lost in translation?

    It looks like the side list of thread titles mistranslates "WC" as "Toilet"?
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    mITX Watercooling system from Alphacool

    Hi all, I have been watercooling PCs since 2016, but so far haven't bought much from Alphacool as a brand. With my upcoming Project:Raven build, I am considering getting a full setup from Alphacool (except illumination and monitoring). So far I have picked the following parts: 1. CPU waterblock...