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    Thank you Alphacool. 1st place Firestrike

    Hello good morning, So i have recently fine tuned my computer with the Alphacool Tornado 60x280mm Kit and i managed 1st place on firestrike breaking the 26k score mark. It is a beast!
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    HELP- Setup my loop Kit Tornado

    Hello, So i recently purchased a DYI kit the Tornado 60x280mm and i am having troubles finding out a solution for my loop. My case is a Phantek Evolv X. Probleme: So i had to setup my rad and fans as intakes with push configuration for the case becouse i have no space on top. I atached the...
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    Alphacool Tornado 60 280 Fan probleme

    Hello, I have recently purchased the DYI KIT tornado with 60mmX280 rad and double 140mm silent wings3. After assembling everything I ran some tests and both fans only spin at 1300RPM.s I cant seem to find the specifications for these fans but on the Bequiet website it says fans have 2200rpm...
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    Best WC for the money.

    Hello i have been checking out this new Alphacool 280 extreme that everyone says it is very good......but in reality how good is it compared to other main stream AIOS? and what is the diference in performance compared to Alphacool Eissturm Blizzard Copper 45 3x120mm for exemple or even the...