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  1. Cyber MageKnight

    included radiator screws fit the standard 120mm fan i need screws for a 15mm slim fan

    i noticed my lt240 came with radiator screws but they don't quite fit snuggly there is a good amount of space left between where they stop going in and the radiator/fan I'm using 120x120x15mm slim fans not the standard stock fans I'm using the formed t1 case that's why im having to use slim...
  2. Cyber MageKnight

    Is the alphacool lt solo the same pump as used in the alphacool lt 240 aio

    im slowly working toward a fully water cooled formd t1 i just got my aio but i rewatched the guide video that shows how to do it and it mentions a lt 240 and it mentions a pump called an lt solo are they one and the same or is the pump that comes with the lt 240 aio just as good or what
  3. Cyber MageKnight

    third party compatability with alphacool

    i am looking for a way to cool m.2 ssd s and alphacool does not seem to have them so i found this is it compatible with alphacool aio systems
  4. Cyber MageKnight

    what is the alphacool 240 280 and 360mm radiators TDP capacity

    what is the TDP capacity for alphacool aio out of the box i need the estimated TDP limits of each size aio radiator 240mm 280mm and 360mm does this also need to be passed by the info email at alphacool? or can i get my answer here
  5. Cyber MageKnight

    Its Been weeks and i haven't received my order - thinking of issuing charge-backs

    i ordered an lt240 alphacool cpu cooling aio its been over 17 days the tracking now says it can no longer find my address i either want my money back or to have another unit sent out cause it may be lost in the mail at this point i will be going to texas on a xmas trip and be there for a couple...
  6. Cyber MageKnight

    cooler cooling capacity

    the alphacool eisbaer lt240 what is its maximum cooling capacity tdp wise and i know it can be customized and added onto im talking the aio like kit right out of the box if you have an idea of how much it will cool out of box plz respond