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  1. joeymcjoeysalot

    Eisbaer Extreme VPP775 Issue

    I've been troubleshooting high temps on my computer water loop consisting of eisbaer extreme 280 with the xpx cpu block, nexxos 360 rad, corsair gpu block connected with eisbaer quick connect extenders. I purchasd all parts in May off of amazon. I was getting cpu temps 100+ and my computer...
  2. joeymcjoeysalot

    Rerunning Eisbaer extensions

    I'm using an eisbaer extreme 280 with the cpu block, nexxxos 360 eisbaer ready, quick disconnect extensions and a gpu block. First of all, loving the performance and quietness of the build. The simplicity of setup has, however, created a ton of excess tubing and my runs could be a lot shorter...
  3. joeymcjoeysalot

    eisbaer extreme coolant

    I've purchased the eisbaer extreme and expanded to a GPU nickle played copper block. I added distilled water to top off the reservoir. Do I also need to add an algea inhibitor to the loop at this point?
  4. joeymcjoeysalot

    Eisbaer Extreme

    Is the pump strong enough to do a cpu, gpu and additional 360 radiator?
  5. joeymcjoeysalot

    Eisbaer Aurora 360 Flow Indicator

    Hello, I recently purchased an Eisbaer and added a gpu block to the system. My question is, my temps seem ok under stress tests. Mid-high 70s when stressing both the cpu and gpu. But I have flow indicators on both the Eisbaer pump and the gpu and neither of them are moving. Could this mean I...
  6. joeymcjoeysalot

    Eisbaer Aurora 360

    I have one on the way along with a gpu waterblock and extra quick disconnect connectors. I'm fairly confident I won't have any problems cooling my Ryzen 3600 and 5700 xt (reference) with the single 360 rad. If I want to overclock in the future or upgrade the cpu to a 3900x or higher, would...