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  1. crum3le


    A couple of questions; Does this unit have any external temperature inputs? Can it change the LED colour output depending on coolant temperature? thanks
  2. crum3le

    How to get hard tubes the right length, the first time, every time. (Now with pics!)

    One of the trickier and often overlooked elements of custom liquid cooling loops is the 'simple' job of getting the length of the coolant tubes correct. In creating these custom tubes you are in effect, searching for a theoretical but currently invisible, point in space where the two straight...
  3. crum3le

    Temperature control and monitoring.

    You can throw a lot of math at the issue of computer component temperature and it will tell you what the temperature should be or you can look at a gauge... Here's some thoughts about temperature sensor positioning that get you the best information at the lowest cost. This is based on my own...
  4. crum3le

    manuals; GPX-N 2080 ti PRO M01 [SOLVED]

    hi guys Just changed out the pump and cant find my manual that describes the placement and cutting of the supplied thermal pads... Can anyone point me in the right direction, cant find it in the support area. Many thanks GPX-N 2080 ti PRO M01 on a Zotac 11gig 102a 2080ti EDIT; linkt o manual...