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  1. b4zzz

    DDC Pump PWM Range

    Hello, I have looked on the shop, and of all the DDC Pumps, there seems to be only one that has PWM Control ("Laing DDC-pump 12V DDC-1T Plus PWM") Is that correct? And if it is correct... What range is the PWM? Is it from 0-100% or 20-70% etc. or what? Because I have read some pumps PWM...
  2. b4zzz

    ITX Loop - Single 280mm Radiator - ST (30mm) with 4 Fans? or XT (45mm) with 2 Fans?

    Hello I am looking to create a loop in an ITX size case (one i have built myself). It will be cooling both CPU + GPU (using EITHER a DC-LT 2600 + Eisstation 40 DC-LT Reservoir -OR- DDC Pump + ES Reservoir 1U DDC Version) I have deliberately left enough room to mount a 280mm radiator, and...