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  1. Daniel

    Alphacool HF Schnellverschlusskupplungsset mit Schottverschraubung G1/4 IG - Deep Black undicht

    Das scheint wohl ein Produktionsfehler zu sein. Wenn du bei uns im Shop gekauft hast wende dich bitte an Falls nicht müsstest du dich bei deinem Händler melden. Die Eiszapfen Schnellverschlusskupplung funktioniert völlig anders und ist in der Herstellung deutlich...
  2. Daniel

    Alphacool Eiswolf GPX Pro für RTX 2080 ti Pumpe vermutlich defekt

    Das klingt nach einem defekt. Bitte wende dich an an
  3. Daniel

    Eisbaer Aurora RGB LT240 AIO Release?

    The AiO will be out very soon. We are awaiting shipments. But with the ongoing worldwide delays with shipping i hesitate to put a date here.
  4. Daniel

    6900 XT Red Devil Waterblock

    Hey @Adriann , we expect a shipment mid of april.
  5. Daniel

    Oder status 30132536

    Hi @Comical Crusader , thanks a lot for your patience and understanding. We expect another shipment mid of april.
  6. Daniel

    CPU Water block for dual xeon E52699 V4 LGA 2011-3 and X10DRG-Q SuperMicro Motherboard

    Hi @Hellwelkin , we have a bracket for that socket: This bracket is compatible to...
  7. Daniel

    Expand my Eisbaer 360 LT

    We have a list but it is very far from complete. click here We will update this list when we have more information. Yes, the pump of the Eisbaer would struggle with 2 radiators + 2 coolers
  8. Daniel

    Algae in GPU AIO

    You did the right thing. Using acids, like some people suggest, will probably do more damage than it helps.
  9. Daniel

    Algae in GPU AIO

    Hi @Voyex , thist dosen't look like algae. I am quite sure this is copper oxide. What liquid are you using?
  10. Daniel

    Will Eisblock GPX-N RTX 3080 ASUS ROG Strix align with Aorus Etreme?

    Hi @hyd0rgen! - No, the terminals of those blocks won't align. - If the block is leaking, you have of course a defective product. Please contact
  11. Daniel

    Welche Wärmeleitpads (Wärmeleitfähigkeit) sind im Lieferumfang?

    Wir haben verschiedene Wärmeleitpads im Shop. Aber Sets bieten wir nicht im Shop an. Folgendes Video erklärt sehr gut warum bessere Zahlen nicht immer zu einem besseren Ergebnis führen:
  12. Daniel

    Eiswolf und Eisbär together oder doch custom Loop

    Hi @Andy.Brei , ich würde auf Nummer sicher gehen und die Flüssigkeit tauschen. Ich denke nicht das es zu einem technischen Problem kommen würde, allerdings kann man Verfärbungen des Acryls nicht ausschließen.
  13. Daniel

    Thermal pad conductivity of Alphacool 3090 waterblock kits (reference/FE)

    3W/mk This block ships with the "Eisschicht Ultra Soft" thermal pads
  14. Daniel

    Expand my Eisbaer 360 LT

    Ask for a reference design gpu ;) More options... Yes you can.
  15. Daniel

    Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3080/3090 FTW3 thermal pad replacement

    Missed that one... But well a decrease of 36°C(!) by only changing the thermal pads is highly unlikely. Something else must have been wrong here.
  16. Daniel

    Expand my Eisbaer 360 LT

    I overlooked that it is a gigabyte card. Gigabyte uses a custom PCB for their GPU. So its not that likely that we will make an AIO for it. Sorry my mistake. I hope that my last answer helped you anyway.
  17. Daniel

    Some advice for a watercooling noob please ...

    Hi @Humon , - the loop order dosen't really matter. As the fluid moves quite fast trough the cooler it's temperature only rises 1 or 2 degrees. - our Eiswind 2 Fans are quite good. But you can of couse use whatever brand you want. Static pressure is what you want. - The radiators are fine for...
  18. Daniel

    Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3080/3090 FTW3 thermal pad replacement

    The thermal pads are not the problem here. As Eddy stated Nvidia GPU's can vary in height due to high manufacturing tolerances. We had a few cases now where that was the case. Still very few though.
  19. Daniel

    Waterblocks: 3090 Founders Edition Questions

    I am sorry but we have no plans to make other FE blocks.
  20. Daniel

    Expand my Eisbaer 360 LT

    Yes you can add another pump to the loop. You don not need to disconnect pump of the Eisbaer. They can work together. As the reservior of the Eisbaer is quite small, i personally would add a revervior too. A single 360 radiator can work for cpu and gpu, but do not expect your computer to be...