11/8 or 10/8


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I'd like to slightly change the configuration of my Eisbaer 140, I only need a few fittings and length of tube etc. The shipping cost from Germany to the UK actually costs more than the components. Naturally then, I've tried local stockists but it would seem 11/8 flexible piping (as is currently fitted to this model) is no longer widely available. Is this an accurate statement or is it Generally only available in Germany?

Also, is there currently a problem logging on to the shop/checkout basket? I tried last night but couldn't get the "reset password" function to work



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Hello, there is no reason why the tube is only available here in Germany. Ultimately, it would be easier to use a fexible 11/8 tube from a market companion as an alternative. If you look at it from a cost perspective.... Of course, we would still be happy if you ordered tubes and fittings from us. If you have any problems with the checkout of the shopping cart, please contact the support. (info@alphacool.com)