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3080 Eagle Eisblock Aurora VRAM temps


New member
Hi Alphacool! I water cooled my system with Alphacool components (2x360x45 rads & Aurora CPU & GPU block) and it seems to be working quite well. Everything is cool, except for the VRAM on the 3080 while mining. I could mine without problem at 100MH/220W around 90 degrees, which I already thought was quite hot (the GPU temp is nice and chill at 38 degrees).
Now after about three weeks, the temperatures have been steadily increasing (perhaps due to it becoming a little bit warmer in my room as well), and now I can't even mine at 90MH/208W without the temperatures hitting 95+ degrees.
I was expecting my water-cooling to keep it a lot colder than this, especially considering my buddy (who has an EK block on his 3080) has never even hit 80 degrees celcius on his VRAM!
What is your opinion? Is there anything I can do to improve these temperatures?


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Staff member
Hi Bugenhagen,

You could try reseating the block and making sure that all the thermal pads are in place correctly and that they are leaving an impression in the thermal pad. contact here is important.

GDDR6X does run a lot hotter than previous memory and through our testing we have managed to get better clock speeds with our current block design, however, it does run the memory higher than other brands.

The specification for GDDR6X shows that 100 degrees would be the limit, with damage occuring at 110 - 120 degrees. We have noticed with the stock cooler on a 3080FE running benchmarks for a period of time, we can hit over 105 degrees on the memory so it is certainly spicy warm and with our waterblock on the same card we're currently hitting 87 degrees.


New member
Thanks for the quick reply! So it's about 10 degrees too warm compared to your situation. Thanks for the tip, I'll try to check all the thermal pads.


Staff member
Yeah, it all depends on your ambient tempretures and individual cards too though, but I would say it is slightly warmer than expected.

Also, with mining, the temps will creep up until a certain point and then stay there as the card is under continuous load.