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4x GPU (GB 3090 TURBO) loop


New member

I would like to add watercooling to 4x Gigabyte 3090 TURBO. But this is my first time :D

Is a 280 + a 360 radiator enough to cool the loop ?

also what pump to keep a nice flow through 4 waterblocks and 2 reservoirs ? maybe 2 pumps ?

tubing will be basic soft tube and probably a SLI connector (still have to check for compatibility).

thank you.


Staff member
If you put fans with 2000-2500rpm on the radiators, it could be enough. You are talking about over 1400W waste of heat ;-) What is a "nice flow" for you? You will get with any pump not more than maybe 35-40L/h with this setup and one pumpe. Right now we dont offer any 4x SLI connector for our blocks.
We have setups like this mainly in serverrracks, and there nobody wants a SLI connector. They put all fards with tubes together so they can change them easier if needed.