AIO for 3950X + 2080 Super XC Gaming Ultra


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Hello everyone,
I am looking to build an upgradable loop: I was thinking on combining a Alphacool Eisbaer 360 (or 420) CPU and a Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro RTX 2080/2080Ti (2070/2080 Super) - black M02.

I still have few questions:
1/ Can those component be mixed? I was thinking on having GPU --> CPU --> 360 rad --> 240 rad
2/ How are the fan controlled? Motherboard?
3/ Would the pump be powerfull enough to push water into 2 large radiators (420 + 240)?
4/ Is the Eiswolf the right one for my GPU ? I searched the PDF and I see the non Super version of my GPU compatible (ätsliste2080TiM02.pdf) but not the exact one, and the Eiswolf for 2080 Super only list 3 Zotac cards
5/The Aura locking seems different, is it compatible with Eiswolf? If not, how to use it with a GPU ?

Thank you :)
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Your questions...

1. Yes, no problem.
2. Depends on you. That are all PWM fans, you can controll them like you want.
3. With Eiswolf and Eisbaer you will have two pumps. So, no problem.
4. Can you check the PCB number of your fard please. Zotac numbers are looking like this number: ZT-T20810F-10P (but we need the exact number)
5. Yes it is. We have a standard for our fittings and quick release fittings, so the new version has only a new outer design, but its full compatible to the older version.


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Thank you for your answers !

Here is the exact card: 08G-P4-3183-KR

I'm looking for performance and silence and at the end I will probably replace the fans with Noctua, will I get same cooling as a custom hurricane loop for example? What are the difference in terms of °C between an Eisbaer and a custom kit for the CPU please? Would a custom loop in a kit be way better (like the hurricane that is 45mm thick)?

Thanks !
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What are the difference in terms of °C between an Eisbaer and a custom kit for the CPU please?
A custom loop is always better then an AIO. You can not answer this question so far as it depends on many effects but you will have definietly better temperatures. We have 5 different blocks for this graphics card. Article numbers are: 11683, 11682, 11681, 11684 and 11738.