Alphacool Eisbaer 360 - algae problem?


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I have an Alphacool Eisbaer 360 cooling system for 7 months. Two weeks ago I was cleaning the PC and rebuilding it. Through the window in AIO I noticed a green coating inside.

The customer service from the store mentions "unsealing and the ingress of microorganisms that produced algae" - nothing leaks and I also never opened this AIO.

Can you help me?
I don't really want to send the product under warranty, because in addition to playing, it also works on a computer.


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No coolant refilled either?

Please contact our support team by email ( and link to this article here. There you will get information on how to proceed.
Nope. Never.
This AIO is relatively new - I bought it in Polish online store in February 2021, but I can't send it because I have to work on this computer. I would like to go without the entire complaint process and just replace it.

Ok, thank you!


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If you dont want to do the RMA process, you will need to flush the unit and to refill it again. There are no other options.