Alphacool Eisblock GPX #11681 installation?


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Just a quick question regarding installing this Eisblock to my Nvidia RTX2080Ti FE card.
Manual shows on step 5, that only 4 screws are needed to screw the PCB to the waterblock. No screws around the GPU chip area.

Step 7 shows that to screw the backplate in place, 7 screws are needed:

Step 3 shows that there are actually 8 screws around the GPU chip:

Now the question: Is there room between the PCB and the backplate to screw 4 closest screws to the chip (to ensure proper contact between the block and the chip)?
Alphacool homepage under this product (german site) has a video where "Igor" is using the inner screws (ok it is not the same block and he is not using the backplate: Product page


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Additional question related to the RGB connector. This is 3-pin connector, my mother board has 4-pin RGB connector (one pin is 12V and others are named R, G, B.
I have not been able to find information anywhere from Alphacool homepage that what are these pins, should I connect it to RGB connector in motherboard and leave the 12V as it is?


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Hi, yes you do fix the block on the graphics card first with the 4 screw to install it (as you mention for the proper contact between the GPU and the block). The second question is a function of the mother board where you should check the manuel carefully and right we do not give such informations about main boards. .