Alphacool Eisblock GPX-N acetal Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN X Pascal / 1080 Ti M02 + NVIDIA Titan Xp Star Wars

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Hi there,

The PCB looks like the standard 1080Ti/Titan X version, BUT it does look like it has additional headers for lighting. Due to this, we can't say that it would be compatible with any amount of certainty. We have not tried this block with this card.

That block from us IS compatible with FE 1080Ti and Titan X though so as with the Linus thread, it might be able to fit with some manipulation.

Sorry we can't be more help on this occasion but it rather hard with special edition cards as we don't get to see them often.

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Ok, so as a follow up to this:

Short answer: it works great.

Long Answer: First of all this card is a nightmare to take apart,it really is. Theres screws hidden under stickers, under two black "rubber" covers either side near the I/O bracket and the thermal pads stick the cooler pretty damn good to the card. Stuck good enough to mess with your heart getting it unstuck.

Then putting the cooler on means you have to file down one of the headers, the white one nearest the power cables. You have to file it to its base, clip the pins and i put a little square of rubber from the SLI cap over it just in case, held on by the coolers pressure. After putting it all togther you gunna notice you have only one nut and two holes to atach the I/O cover. No idea why. Since your card now wheighs as much as the building you live in, i used a motherboard riser as a nut for the other side, fits fine with the silver screws that come with the cooler.

Cooler works, temps 20-30 under load and no leaks. Was it worth it? Yes. Was it fun taking a file to a £1300 card? Not at all. On the plus side you can put the cooler back in the cool display case box it came in AND use the card at the same time.