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Alphacool Eisblock XPX Aurora Edge


New member
I received the above mentioned water block a few weeks ago after waiting a month on pre-order and it looks really nice. As with all of my previous water blocks, I dismantled it to check for damaged gaskets etc. And, that’s now my problem!

The gasket under the back plate was not shaped to fit the channel it sits in, and it will not go back in! Add to that, the jet plate is just randomly seated on top of a smaller gasket without any guides.

Any suggestions on how to get the gasket to stop popping out?

Cheers, Chris


New member
I tried to upload a couple of images with my OP. I’ll try again. 🙂

With regards to the jet plate, you can see that I only have about 2mm of getting it in the correct position (See the image for the gasket mark).


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Staff member
The jet plate has to be placed on the cold/bottom plate. After that you place the top and screw it together.