Alphacool Eiszapfen Quick Release Connectors

Juri B

New member
I would like to see a video review of these products. You haven’t shown anything here for a long time. In particular, look at the N.D.S.L system (no drip, no splash, no leak) in operation, especially in comparison with 17223.
And I ask you to clarify what length is the assembly 17461 and 17457? In the description 17457, the diameter is 24mm, is it really narrower than 17223 (the diameter is 26.1mm)?


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Lol.... nobody will do a review with QDCs.... the most websites dont do any water cooling tests at all because it takes too long time for them and they have 10 times more readers for a fan test than for any water cooling review. Thats the reason why so many websites wich made water cooling tests are dead now.

Total length of 17461 and 17457 is 68 mm (if you put them together). And yes, the diameter of 17461 + 17457 is 24 mm. 17223 is thicker with 26 mm.

I know... on the pics 17461 and 17457 looks thicker because the complete housing looks more massive. But yeah, the meassurements are correct in the shop.