Are Alphacool Eisbaer GPX Extension Sets compatible with 45mm radiators?


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I'm going rack mount to replace my I5-750. This will be my first water cooled rig.

This case that I will use has a bracket that can fit 3 120mm fans. Between the bracket and the HDD case I have 100mm usable space, 50mm of which will be used by the fans of a push pull config which leaves me enough space to fit a 45mm radiator comfortably.

AIOs on the market don't have long enough tubing.

Alphacool offers the following product.

The problem is that it would appear that radiators that the tubing are compatible with are only 30mm thick. It would be nice if I could use a 45mm radiator, or if I could come up with a way to not use the HDD chassis, radiators thicker than 45.

I plan on using a M.2 drive for my system storage, and keep most of my files on two rack mounted NAS. The case manufacture designed my case to require you to use the HDD cages which are removeable, but there's no way to mount the front grill and fans without the cages. With the HDD cages removed there's a big gaping hole.
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the tubes are using G1/4" thread. So this tubes are also compatible with our 45mm radiators since all of our Products are using G1/4" threads.