Asrock 6800xt Taichi Waterblock


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Wondering why when there is obviously some interest in it. The Taichi Card is one of the best OC cards on the market. I think you will be losing some potential business.


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Whether a cooler is worthwhile for us depends on the sales figures of the card and our capacities. And ASrock has no significant sales figures for graphics cards in Europe and North America. So our main markets. It doesn't matter if a card is the best or fastest card. These are not criteria for us. It has to make sense for us from an economic point of view. And it doesn't make sense here at the moment, sorry.


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Apparently I am not the only on looking for one. They made a Merc 319 before the card was available, very interesting.


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Is there going to be a GPU waterblock for the Asrock 6800XT Taichi.
I actually didn't bother waiting, I used the corsair 6800/6900 water block on my asrock. I removed the metal shroud, and shaved the acrylic for the two longer capacitors. Fits fine on the card, nice and tight, although you have to use one side for the tubing, as the PCB covers the other side....

Card runs cool and quiet now.