Aurora Light Strips - with 3pin JST connector


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Hi, browsing your products I noticed you have some flexible ARGB strips with 3-pin JST connectors, such as this one:

I'd like to know, if possible, which cable is the 5V, Ground and Data on the left connector (JST 3 pin)

Also, I'd be interested in a rigid form

are the connectors also JST 3-pin?



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The PIN occupancy is always the same. 5V - DATA - GROUND The 5V one is marked you can not miss it. And yes they are JST 3Pin connectors. On the upper photo left the pin on the right side is the 5v cable. It is marked behind that is why you can not see it on this picture.


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And yes they are JST 3Pin connectors
By this you mean the rigid LED strip (article 15375) correct? Just looking for confirmation, since I just now noticed that the description mentions

the connection is made via a JST HPX plug including the integrated Y-adapter
Could you let me know the length of the cables too? I'd like to light both sides of a Lian Li O11 XL
Just noticed product description also states this, 64cm.

Thanks for your help, about to order this :)


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Alphacool's own controller. If you own a Lian Li O11 XL, it has a small controller integrated onto the case bottom (to control the case's front ARGB) which has an extra 3-pin JST header for other lighting. You can easily get some cheap light strips and solder your own headers, but since Alphacool is selling these rigid ones for a decent price, might as well save me the hassle.


thanks for that, very useful.

Yep, 011XL, it will be the first useful thing I've found on it! lol.. If you are watercooling... which it sounds like you might be, the 011XL case has some 'Features' you may find less than useful. The top HDD cage gets hot! (no airflow around it) I've added 2 x 80mm fans blowing at it and the HDD nearest the motherboard still runs at 60c. Mounting a 120mm fan on the side cover might help too, but you loose the second hot swap cage...