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Barrow G1/ 14mm PETG Hard Tubing....A Problem? (Newbie)


New member
Newbie here.....first pc build in @15 years and first water cooled build ever.
Im almost ready tu cut and bend pipe but now I'm worried as to what coolant I should use as I've seen lots of conflicting info on the web....(information overload) regarding hardening and staining the tubing etc

List of loop parts:
EK Water Blocks EK-Velocity RGB - Full Nickel
Barrow PETG Tubing 14 mm x 500mn
Phobya G-Changer 240 V2 Full copper radiator
AlphaCool Ice Block Aurora Plexi GPX-N RTX 2070 Super Windforce (GFX Card Cooling Block)
Phanteks Glacier D140 Distribution plate
Alphacool Eisfluegel Flow Indicator - Acetel
Matercool Heatkiller Reservoir for D% pump
Aqua Computer D5 NEXT RGB Smart pump
Various XSPC G1/4/14mm Triple seal rigid tube fittings



New member
Thanks Metropolis 34.... perhaps I should have made myself clearer....I know basic distilled water with anti corrosion anti bacterial additives will work, but like most Loopers builds....I want to see colour flowing round my loop.