[BIP] Project AlphaCaT | Animal Shelter Project


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Buildlog | Part 01 | Introduction...
By Subarist

1.1 Name of mod:
"Project Alphacat"

1.2. Whats the idea?
As the ADHD person i am, i cant just finish of one project and start another one. I got my hands on a Phanteks Shift X black case wich is absolutly stunning! And i want it to be Alphacool / MSI only. Colours should be Black/Blue with silver or copper tubes. With this project i want to promote AlphaCool as much as i can since im realy happy with their products and customer care. My rigs are also shown on MSI forums and Buildsgg. Right of the bat im asking AC if they have a distribution board that fit this amazing case! Later on im trying to sell it to the right bidder here on AC and donate a percentage to an animal shelter in my city that realy needs some attention in these covid times. This is a case where my older parts go in, or atleast some, since the m-atx boards with a 1150 socket are limited. I might build a rig around the 1000 marker and want to donate 150 euro to the cat shelter in my hometown. Might do a catpaw on the front but im not sure yet, thats for the buyer to descide. Maybe the name of his/her cat.

Taking the mod part for parts
- All parts will be listed here.



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Ohh because you want to donate to the cat shalter the projects name is Alphacat??
Nice! You got it! THis build wil be sold and a small part wil go to the animal shelter. I hope to get 500 euros for it, and donate 250. They realy need it. And why im calling it ALPHA? because i want it to be AC cooled only. I think im sticking to this brand for a while. I like your products.