Buying advice

I have ordered Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Formula motherboard that have a built-in water block over the VRM device and a i9-12900K.
I want to test water cooling for this building for the first time.
I do not want water cooling for the entire construction, only for the VRM part.
Is this overkill or will this make my other fans quieter?
What components do you think I should buy?





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In the grand scheme of things, watercooling just the VRMs isn't going to make much of a difference in terms of how your fans run. VRMs similar to RAM just do not need active cooling, so they aren't a big contributor of heat in the system.

However, if you want to go through with it anyways, you're going to need a radiator(s), fans, reservoir, fittings, tubing, coolant and pump because the only thing that motherboard supplies for you in this case is a waterblock on the VRMs. Again though sanity check here you're going to spending quite a lot on cooling something that's not going to yield much of any performance difference or silence your computer that much. So yes it's 'overkill'.