Bykski vs. Alphacool waterblock for Arous 3080 Xtreme


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I just managed to get my hands on a Gigabyte Aorus 3080 Xtreme. (GV-N3080AORUS X-10GD)

As far as I've seen there are water blocks from Bykski and Alphacool available for this card. Also, EK is supposed to release one in the near future.

Now I am unsure which one to choose because I really like the look of the Bykski block but I heard that the alpha cook blocks are performing really well and are nicely built. I also like that they have located in Germany.

Are there big differences in terms of performance and quality? I heard that EK's quality has dropped over the last few years...

Which water block would you go for?

Any help is appreciated
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