Can Eisbaer & Eiswolf products be combined with a reservoir/pump combo?


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I currently have an Eisbaer with 240 rad combined with 2 eiswolf RX Vegas and 360 rad, I have them all combined in one loop. I was wondering if adding a reservoir and maybe additional pump would be of benefit or should I just look for another thicker/bigger rad? I don't think the 240 & 360 (both 30mm thickness) are enough for 2x Vega 56/64s and a soon to be replaced Ryzen 1700 with a Ryzen 3900X.


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I would try it how you have it already, each Eiswolf Pro has a pump as well as your Eisbaer so that is 3 pumps running. The 5 fans worth of radiators for 3 pieces of hardware should be sufficient.

Are your current temps high or are you more just thinking of the future?