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Can I reverse loop order of Eisbaer and Eiswolf


New member
I've currently bought an Eisbaear 360 for a new build, and I'm planning to add an Eiswolf for future GPU. In the manual it states as order:
Eisbaer pump/CPU -> Eiswolf Pump/GPU -> Radiator(s) -> Eisbaer pump/CPU.

I'm considering adding a Eisbecher as well once I expand the loop, but want to keep this above the level of the (first) pump by reversing the order:
Eiswolf Pump/GPU -> Eisbaer pump/CPU -> back radiator (140mm) -> Top radiator (360 mm) -> EisBecher -> Eiswolf Pump/GPU.

The top level of the Eisbecher (filled) will still be above the CPU block/pump, but this way the entire Eisbecher is above the pump. This would also put the resevoir of the CPU pump as "buffer" in between the pumps. Is this better of worse for performance? Alternatively the back radiator could also be put in between the two pumps, but the manual advices to put the radiators directly in line with each other.


Active member
Staff member
Hi @aragnut

That hardly makes a difference in performance when you add an additional expansion tank. Or who they change the order of the components. You just have to make sure you connect the IN and OUT of the Eisbaer and Eiswolf correctly. You don't necessarily have to have a radiator between the CPU and graphics card, as the water in the entire circuit levels up after a time with the temperature.

I hope I could help. If you have any further questions, just get in touch.

Best Regards