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Can't fully assemble my Eiswolf GTX-Pro M02 on my AMD Radeon VII


New member

I was very lucky and found a place that sold me an AIO for my MSI Radeon VII.

In the two attempths I've made to assemble the cooler on the card, I cannot screw in two of the screws, despite all the other screws going all the way in.

The two screw holes are at the ones at the bottom of the "square" around the GPU die.

The first time I assembled, it was one side. Everything else was loosened up so that I could move the card around a little, but it made no difference. I took the card off and screwed a screw into the hole without problem.

When I reassembled, I started with that screw but eventually found that the other screw wouldn't seat properly.

No amount of wiggling the card makes any difference.

I put the thermal compound on the die with overlapping x and + shapes. A little too much, as I saw when I took it apart after the first failed assembly, but not so thick that it's impeding the screwing down, I think!

What am I doing wrong?


New member

Actually, no, the website says the files are too large, so:

As you can see, actually neither of the two screws at the bottom of the GPU die are screwed in all the way to the back plate. The higher angle can see how I have damaged the screws a little trying to tighten them.