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cooler cooling capacity

Cyber MageKnight

New member
the alphacool eisbaer lt240 what is its maximum cooling capacity tdp wise and i know it can be customized and added onto im talking the aio like kit right out of the box if you have an idea of how much it will cool out of box plz respond


Staff member
Well this is a hrad question to answer as there are so many side effects on this issue. Which CPU you want to cool with it?

Cyber MageKnight

New member
it recommends a 280 mm radiator but i wanna know if i can go with the alphacool lt240 mainly cause i plan to cram it in a sidearm t1 sff case on a itx mobo but this radiator is all copper where as most aios are aluminum meaning its more effecient then a aluminum aio and could work th same as a 280mm cause of the increased effeceincy