Cooling for 3U short-depth silent gaming/workstation pc


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It is my first time building a custom loop, so wanted to ensure that my "shopping list" has everything that I need. I will have another build that is much more complicated but decided to start first with my simpler build. I have a 3U short-depth chassis that can fit a 360mm radiator that I am putting on my A/V rack. The chassis is a brand-new design from Sliger, the Sliger CX3151a ( As this is a rack solution and I do not want any extra lighting or other flashy things, I am leaning towards enterprise parts.

The workstation I am trying to cool has a Ryzen 9 5900X CPU and Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity GPU. The goal is silent operation, not overclocking.

Planning to use Distro Plate C3 to connect the CPU and GPU with quick connectors and have one extra spot for expansion in the loop in future if needed. The HPE-45 radiator and the reservoir-pump would be connected with short tube directly, or if recommendation would be to use the NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper X-Flow 360mm radiator instead, then attach the reservoir directly to the radiator. I believe I need all the cooling I can get, and there is no room to put another radiator in the chassis, and HPE-45 is claiming to be better on thermal dissipation. The chassis can only fit a 45mm radiator with fans (NF-F12 PWM) on push (or pull, not both). I hope this does not mean more fan noise though pushing through the fins for same performance. For the flow and temperature indicator, can that be put directly to a component, i.e., the reservoir/pump or does it need a small tube on both sides?

I have the following in my current shopping list:
- Eisblock XPX 1U Black Acetal
- Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-N w/ blackplate
- NexXxoS HPE-45 Full Copper 360mm Radiator
- ES Reservoir 2U - DDC + ES Laing DDC310 Pump - Single black plastic bottom
- AlphaTube TPV 16/10 - Black Matte 3,3m (10ft) Retailbox (I assume 3,3m is enough for this build, or should I buy two)
- Alphacool ES Distro Plate C3
- Alphacool ES flow and temperature indicator "HighFlow" with RPM-Signal

- 2* Alphacool HF quick release connector kit G1/4 OT/OT (halves in distro plate for the GPU and CPU)
- 2* Alphacool HF quick release connector kit TPV - Eisbaer compatible - black (halves in the tubes for the GPU and CPU)
- 2* Alphacool HF compression Fitting TPV Metall - 12,7/7,6mm Straight - Black - 6pcs Kit (or is the nylon recommended?)

Do I need thermal paste for the GPU or CPU or does the blocks come already? i.e. Alphacool Rise Thermal grease 6W/mK 4g ?
What cooling fluid should I use, and how much do I need it for the loop approximately? i.e. Alphacool Tec Protect 2 Clear 1000ml ? and how many bottles is normal for this size loop? Will actually buy double just in case. What other accessories should I have that helps me with my project, i.e. Filling bottle, hose cutter, anything else?


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Our CPUs and GPUs are coming with all thermal pads and thermal grease you need. You will need need only 1L liquid for this loop, so better to buy 2L like you said.
Filling bootle is very helpfull, also this small tool:
With that PSU Jumper you can start the pump without starting the system to fill it. A tube cutter is nice, but not really needed. You can also use a large pair of scissors or a cutter knife/carpet knife. But do not cut the hose with it, but push the blade through the hose. When cutting, the edges of the hose will be frayed.
Fittings.... i personally like the nylon fittings more than the metall ones.