DDC Pump PWM Range


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I have looked on the shop, and of all the DDC Pumps, there seems to be only one that has PWM Control

("Laing DDC-pump 12V DDC-1T Plus PWM")

Is that correct?

And if it is correct...

What range is the PWM?

Is it from 0-100% or 20-70% etc. or what?
Because I have read some pumps PWM only works in smaller ranges, example: below 50% or below 70% etc.

Where can i find out these specifications?

Thank you


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Hi there, the PVWM range of the DDC pumps are not that big. The range by this pump is approx. 50 to 100%.

Where can i find out these specifications?
If you want to have more detailed spec-informations you need to contact laing directly.


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I have a DDC 3.2 pump, which should be the same DDC-1T PWM. On my Asus Hero XXII mobo, if I set 60% to 100% PWM signal range for pump use, the pump will always run at full speed. After playing with the lower, middle and upper PWM signals in the bios. 0% to 55% signal gives control from 1200 RPMs to 4500 RPMs, so this is range you will need to try and play with if you want speed control.