Difficulties removing cooler from 6800 319 merc


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As the title says, im having difficulties removing the original cooler, there is no instructions anywhere how to do this and i figured it'd be pretty straight forward like some other cards ive disassembled in the past. But nope, screws hidden behind radiator and backplate, one holding onto the other.

Anyone have any idea how to remove this poorly designed trash so I can put on some superior Alphacool products on it instead?
I'm<-> close to bringing out the dremel.


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Hi, we're glad you want to use our coolers for your card.
Unfortunately, we can't give you any help here on how to get the original cooler off.
You'll have to wait here in the forum for feedback from other users!
Can't you find anything on Youtube? It is a frequently requested cooler here.
You're the first to get in touch with this problem ;-)


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I also didn`t found any tear down video where you can exactly see how to disassamble the airo cooler, sorry.