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Do you have a water block for a AXRX-5700XT-8GBD6-3DH?


New member
by the way, I'm sure that this really is the original backplate, no need to confirm. The plate color and the sticker positioning is the same as mine.

(pic grabbed from the internet, but it's the same)


New member
I can test for you this weekend if you like. I have mine installed but I have to take it all apart because I stupidly bought the Pastel Eiswasser and it's clogged up my entire loop, including the GPU block. Have to disassemble and clean inside it and my CPU block and Eisbecher D5 too.


New member
For me actually there is no need, as I ended up building a custom cooling solution with a block and a few heatsinks 😅
I have a hard time buying a block that only fits one gpu 😥
Thank you


New member
Hey everybody,

old topic but for all who want to install the cooler to a Powercolor-"3DH", I can also confirm: It works fine with the backplate and the Eisblock in this topic :)