Eheim 1262 inlet?


Hi all,

I am planning on buying and using an Eheim 1262 pump to watercool my main PC (currently on dual-D5 pumps). I see both the inlet and outlet of that pump are G3/4 and I was wondering if Alphacool does have matching reservoir to plug directly to the pump without having to reduce from 3/4" to 1/4" and back. I am not sure if there are G3/4 fittings out there (for either 16mm hard tubing or 13/19mm soft tubing). Are there fittings for 18mm OD hard tubing, even industrial ones? I will use copper in my build.


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Hi There,
OMG this is old school didnt had anything to do with this pump for a long time :) As far i know where we had this pump for sale we had some products for it but not without the reducer. We have only the small pumps from Eheim and a couple of others but not the 1262. You need to use the reducers i am affraid.