Eisbaer 360 and LGA1700 (Intel 13th Gen)


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I have Eisbaer 360, bought in 2017 (presume article No. is 11286). I'm planning to upgrade my platform to LGA1700, i9-13900K . Do I need new mounting/backplate ? If so , could you please forward a link to your store. Also keeping in mind that cooler is 5years old, do I need to refill the liquid? In regards to thermal paste,liquid metal should be the best, I presume. Looking at my current idle temps (35°C on i7 6800K),everything looks ok so far. Any help appreciated ! Thanks


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First of all, good news! ;-) Yes, of course you need a special backplate for the LGA 1700, but you will receive this free of charge as part of our service campaign. All you have to do is write to our support team by email and provide proof of purchase or similar. (info@alphacool.com)
You can easily see whether liquid needs to be refilled by looking at the window of the Eisbaer cooler. It must be almost completely filled. If this is not the case, you can refill the system via the fill port on the cooler. However, a lack of coolant would also affect the performance. Since you are satisfied with your temperatures, I assume that the fill level is also OK.

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That is great news news Thomas ! Thank you very much :) . Will drop an email then with all the details. Also will check liquid level as suggested.
Thanks again for your help !