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Eisbaer 360 backplate needed?


New member
I am installing my new Eisbaer 360 on my ASUS X99-A USB 3.1. There is a paper in the Eisbaer box saying "Please note: Some motherboards of the Socket 2011 / -3 do not have continuous mounting holes in the socket area. In this case, don't turn in the screws more than 4mm."

My motherboard does not have holes all the way through the motherboard for the mounting holes. My question is... if the holes do not go all the way through, do I even need to use the backplate (that sticks on with adhesive strips)? It is there to screw the pump/resevoir through the motherboard to the backplate, but since the mounting holes don't go all the way through, I'm thinking I don't need the backplate at all. Could someone confirm this for me please? My installation is paused until I can confirm my hypothesis. Thank you!


Staff member
Hey dude, Yes this is indeed true. Your mother board is not the only one where you dont need a back plate. Socket 2011 / -3 , 2066, TR4 and STRX4 are the same. Also lot of server sockets are the same. Please install the block as it shows in the manual. Do not turn the screws more than 4 mm . Thank you :)


New member
Excellent! Thanks for the fast response! I just hope the 4mm depth limit will be a snug fit. Installation may now continue. Thank you again!