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Eisbaer Aurora and Eisball


New member

I've got an Eisbaer Aurora aio in my system an I would like to add an Eisball (incl pump) to the loop.

What would I need to hook it up?
I want have about 1.5m of soft tubing (10/13) lying around so being able to use that would be nice.

It's more about the fittings and maybe some other stuff I would need as it would be my first non-aio/expanded aio I would be having in my system

Any advice is appreciated :)


Staff member
Easiest way would be to use this extension set and a bottle of Tec Protect liquid: https://www.alphacool.com/shop/schl...er-tpv-extension-set-schlauch-und-anschluesse

Thats all you need! Or you need to buy seperate fittings, QDCs or if you dont want to use the QDCs than you need to replace all the tubes of the Eisbaer against new TVP tube. Or if you like to use your tube, you will need to replace the tubes and fittings from the Eisbaer AIO against new 13/10mm fittings. The Eisbaer Aurora has 12,7/6,7mm Fittings a 13/10mm tube will NOT FIT on this fittings.