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Eisbaer Extreme 280 Solo Front Mount


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I'm currently building a setup to water-cool my Gigabyte RTX 2080 TI Turbo - and I'm completely new to water cooling.
As there was no AIO solution for my specific graphics card (rev 2.0), I went with the combination of an Eisbaer Extreme 280 Solo and an Eisblock ES Acetal with Eisbaer TPV tubes.

Now I'm running into two noob issues, maybe this friendly forum can help me :)

1. The Eisbaer can be front mounted. That is the only place it will fit my case (with some tricks). But I wonder if the fans are not configured wrongly - they will blow out of the front! Installing it the other way around will not work as the tubing comes out of the back of the system.
The tutorial videos by Alphacool just go over this with a "it can also fit vertically", but they never explain how...

2. I'm actually ignorant on how to properly fill the system. I cannot find any tutorials for the Eisbaer Extreme 280. Do I have to fill it with the pump running and power connected? Or first fill the reservoir and tubes and then start the system? Can someone recommend a tutorial video or article?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Update: I actually was able to get everything together.
Fitting the Eisbear Extreme 280 into my smallish be quiet! Pure Base 500 tower required a disc cutter, and its still a tight fit. But it fits.
I also reversed the fans in the Eisbaer to push into the case (oops, there goes warranty). Filling the system has worked as it seems (just some noise during startup). I'm really happy that I have the quick release TPV tubes, so I can easily remove the graphics card with cooler when needed.
I'll post a "tutorial" in the modding sections ones everything runs ;)

Unfortunately, my GPU does not work with the Eisblock installed. No signal, and Asus BIOS says "b2", an error caused by faulty GPU.
When I remove the Eisblock and refit the old blower cooler it boots again...

Edit: I was able to fix the issue by thoroughly adjusting the termal pads. The system works now, and I'm very happy with the cooling performance.
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HI Unfortunately you are not alone with the problem and this GPU. our technical department will check the problem with an other customer and as far we will know more and how to fix it we will tell you more.


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I was able to fix the issue by thoroughly adjusting the termal pads. The system works now, and I'm very happy with the cooling performance.
Thank you for the support!