Eisbaer LT 240: How to connect to ASRock Z390 Pro4?


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This is my first server build with a water cooler, after building over 10 servers with air coolers. So, please excuse my naive questions :)

Where should the pump and the fans be connected? (The connector names can be found on page 7 and 8 of http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/Manual/Z390 Pro4.pdf .)

1st try: pump at CHA_FAN2/WP , fans at CPU_Fan1

2nd try: fans at CHA_FAN2/WP, pump at CPU_Fan1

In both cases, the computer does not post BIOS when booting. Fans are turning, but how to determine whether the pump is working?
(I installed only 2 RAM modules that are on the QVL.) I also tried a separate graphics card, in addition to the GPU of my CPU i9-9900K. I have never received an output on my monitor (I tried HDMI and DVI). Any suggestions?
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Hi Svenh,

I will look into this in more detail for you, I usually run the pump on 1 and the fans on two when it is like you have, however this should still get you into bios even if it wasn't working.

Have you tried to boot the system with either a different cooler? The easiest way to check if the pump is working is to either put your ear as close as possible and try and reduce the noise of everything else as much as possible, or put your hand on the pump and try and feel the vibrations.

Even with a failed pump, the system should boot, however. It is certainly strange!


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Thanks for the suggestions. I will be able to test them next week with some alternative components.


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I rebuilt the computer in a different case. Now, everthing is fine :) My setup is the one from "1st try". Under foll load, the temperature reaches 69 C. Should it be cooler?