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Eisbaer Pro 360 and threadripper uneven dies temperature


New member

I've just purchased an Eisbaer pro 360 aio for my Threadripper 2990wx.
I'm seeing uneven CPU dies temperature during stress tests (e.g., cinebench, but same results with others).
More particularly, Node#3 is 5° under the other 3. Is it something expected ?

One things to note: I've mounted the pump "upside down" with in/out pointing down and power cord at the top. Is it a mistake?
With this mounting orientation, and admitting the this schematic is representative of the dies localization, then water input is pointing straight to die #3, can this be an explanation?



Staff member
What are your temperatures? What are your ambient temperatures? Pump speed? Fan speed?

The orientation doesn`t matter here.


New member
Full load, all cores
Ambient temp: 22°C
Nodes #0 to #2: 67.5 ± 0.5 °C
Node #3: 63 ± 0.5 °C
Fan speed at 100% with stock alphacool fans.

Pump speed: honestly I'm new to watercooling so i don't know, I've plugged the pump with the included sata adapter, not on the motherboard. So I don't know how to control/monitor the pump.

Also, I did an additional test changing the waterblock orientation, node #3 is still consistently cooler than the other but to a lesser extend (-3 to -3.5 °C ).
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