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Eisbear Aurora 420 Pump Problem


New member
Hello, i have a 420mm AIO Eisbear Aurora Digital RGB running on a Asrock Z170 Fatality Gaming K4, everything works perfect but the pump. It starts and stops in 2-3 seconds cycles. It is an AIO 7-8 months old. CPU FAN 2 port is set to 100% speed and no PWM as much as my BIOS lets me. I also powered the pump from an extrenal power sorce , another PC, and it does the same 2-3 seconds start stop cycle. Any ideas ?


New member
Hi, the cycle repeats itself continously, some times is more than 2-3 seconds between start and stop, sometimes less, it varies. Wierd thing if u ask me. :)


Staff member
I assume that the elekronik of the pumps PCB is damaged. There is two solution we can offer. You send us the system back we check it and repair or change the pump and send it back to you. Or if you think you are able to to change it by your self than we can send you a pump to do so.
Thank you and let me know please.


New member
i can change the pump myself, no problem, but what are the costs for this, because the system is still in guarantee. And i do live in Germany.


New member
Guten morgen, erst jetzt hab ich gesehen das ihr eine dutsche firma seits. :) Wir konten auch in deutsch reden.
Danke trozdem fur dein hilfe und hoffe bald auf ein antwort zum mein email. Wundeschone tag und WE.