Eisbear height issue with Eiswolf mounted


New member
Hello, I ran into a small issue with the Eisbear.. the hoses stick out too far and make it impossible to vertically mount the Eiswolf which in its turn seems to be too wide to mount in the normal slot (I haven't received the Eiswolf yet sadly but they say soon) in my case (NR200P) so I'm looking at the 90 degree TPV extensions (Article no.: 12983)
as an alternative. How much lower does that make the Eisbear? It would be sad to have to scratch the whole idea of Eiswolf+eisbear :(



Staff member
Hi, the hight of the 90° TPV connection is approx. 19 mm. I hope this information helps you further. And yes you can use the extension set with your Eisbaer.