Eisbecher Helix: Cathode will not light up.


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Hello all.

Bought a Eisbecher Helix a few months ago. Unfortunately it would not turn on at all. after taking a look at it i realized that one of the wires had arrived severed from its soldering at the top of the cathode. It had been months since the order unfortunately so i couldn't RMA it as normal and considered it a loss. I just received my replacement one and inserted it into the reservoir. This one also will not turn on, and now im thinking its the inverter box, it seems like this one wasn't very well put together and when plugging in the cathode and the power input into it, the receptacles can be seen visibly pushing inside the frame of the black inverter box. Im fairly sure its the inverter at this point.

I would like to get another inverter for this but at this point i don't like the idea of paying for it, have already paid for the package once and an additional cathode.
im hoping you guys would consider sending me a replacement inverter w/the molex cable that goes with it. as it stands i have about 800 or 900 dollars worth of Alphacool stuff in my case and spending more at this point on the computer doesn't make me feel very good.

The setup is 12v molex from power supply -> alphacool molex connector -> Inverter -> Cathode