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Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3090/3080 Gaming/Eagle and Asus Crosshair VIII Formula


New member
Hey everyone,

Not sure if anyone has had any success with this or not, but I found that the backplate on the Eisblock Aurora Acryl for my 3090 Gigabyte OC gaming is a bit to think to clear the DIMM connectors on my Asus Crosshair VIII Formula. This won't be an issue if someone is using a riser cable, but for me I had to relocate the card to the X16 slot #2 (which I believe only runs at X8). Just wanted folks to be aware that this may not fit in an ASUS crosshair VIII formula (which appears to be an ASUS configuration issue, not an issue with the Eisblock). If you check out the board you will see the dimm slots are slightly blocking the GPU PCIE slot, not an issue with the 3090 stock as the backplate is incredilby thin, but just off by a mm or 2 with the Eisblock installed.


New member
I would remove a bit of material from a backplate with Dremel (rotary power tool) It would be covered by ram socket any way.
Not the nicest solution, but it would take 5min and would work.
Hope you are enjoying 3090, I got 3080 and I am able to squeeze almost everything from it while playing VR.
I hoped to have a bit more of a headroom with this card to be honest.

Kindest regards