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Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3090/3080 high temperatures


New member

I have just installed the Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 3090/3080 on my RTX 3090 card in Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen (I put the radiator outside the case) . I connected it to Alphacool Eisstation DDC reservoir incl. Alphacool Laing DDC310 pump and Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper Quad 480/560 Radiator with 4x Yate Loon D12SH-12 with plug (2200rpm) which I believed to be more than enough to cool the card, however, when I start mining, the VRAM temperatures are VERY high.

After replacing pads and adding thermal paste to air cooling I managed to get 120MH/s and temperatures around 94C on VRAM (with fans on the card at 100%, which was unacceptable). After installing water cooling I am barely able to get 100MH/s with temperature hovering between 100 and 102C.

I believe the block is installed properly, all the heat pads are in place and the plastic strips have been peeled off, so I don't think this is a problem. What I think is happening is that the pump is not pushing the liquid fast enough. Granted, this is my first installation, so I have no idea what's normal and what isn't.

The pump is connected to the processor fan socket (the three pin connector, power is coming via molex). When I check in HWiNFO64 the CPU fan sits at 1150RPM, which is minimal speed I believe. Could this be causing the pump to go too slow? How can I check how fast the pump is working?

I didn't manage to change the speed of the CPU fan. Adjusting system settings (Processor power management, minimum processor state) didn't change anything and Alienware BIOS doesn't seem to have any setting for CPU fan.

Does anyone have an idea what I can do to make this work?
All the help appreciated. Thanks!